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Nomadic Banquet = You Mu (Mandarin)

In this workshop the participants were asked to design a mobile dining experience for a small group of people using the street vendors of Nanjing as the banquet chefs. The diners would roam from location to location to receive the different courses of the dinner. To create this Nomadic Banquet the students were asked to experiment in appropriating the public domain of the street and the not-so-public domain of restaurants. Urban mapping and cultural exchange were the two main goals of the workshop.

The Mandarin translation for ‘Nomadic Banquet’ is ‘You Mu’, and refers quite strongly to the nomadic lifestyle of the Mongols. The workshop participants were creative and playful in designing experiences and performances that referenced mobility, traditional nomadic lifestyle, and the barter system. The 8 workshop participants divided into teams to produce 7 unique performances.