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Robo Cocktail

September 3, 2007

Erik Hobijn poses with the Mothuh of all mojito makers
Erik Hobijn poses with the Mothuh of all mojito makers

At last weekend’s party for the youth of today, artist Erik Hobijn demonstrated the explosive power of his handheld cocktail launcher and created some unexpectedly delicious chunky style mojitos. Officially speaking, this cockbot is more of a cyborg mixer than a robot, and I wouldn’t have liked this boytoy if it was only for show. But the mojito was good, and it was awfully Environmentally Christian of Eric to not skimp on the size. Who likes drinking from a dinky glass? Sure as heq not me.

Erik Hobijn loading the Mothuh of all mojito makers
Is that a cock in your pocket or were you just happy to mix me up a banana daquiri?

Obviously Erik is open to using the Cocktail Pistol for peaceful purposes only, if one can call Happy Hour peaceful.

Make cocktails, not war!
Make cocktails, not war!

Erik Hobijn and his cocktail pistol
Check out the grimace, pistol sure packs a punch!

Culiblog author with robococktail
Culiblog author thinking to herself, ‘Size totally matters’
(photo by Joost Bottema)

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  1. Just stumbled across your blog. Your humor and culinary style amazes me.

    Comment by Esau — November 5, 2007 @ 1:16

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