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Speaking of pomegranate

Last year I did my utmost to eat food that was grown and produced locally. But because Amsterdam is excruciatingly far north, more or less deep inside the Polar Circle, this meant that my diet didn't have much in the way of citrus fruit, bananas or mangos. At first I didn't think this would be a... Read more

Posted on January 16, 2008 10:05

Honey, rockin’ my world

A honey shop in the Kadiköy market in Istanbul is visited by wasps. Read more

Posted on October 27, 2005 15:47

I love smoking everything in moderation

Last year in Delhi I reported on why it's a good idea to keep a positive attitude while experimenting with stimulants. This year I simply throw myself into the task. By the volume of the blueish haze, one wouldn't suspect that we were entering an outdoor tea house, but the tea house, (and by tea... Read more

Posted on October 22, 2005 14:36

Sort of public gardens

The urban garden is thriving in Istanbul. Walking around the Biennale's parallel programme locations in Karaköy, I spied some ad hoc agriculture in 'public' planters. These images show vegetables being grown amidst 'ornamental' city landscaping. Chapeau to the hacker-farmers growing squ... Read more

Posted on October 21, 2005 16:04

Amphora types according to culiblog

In one of the artist-in-residence gardens of the future Santral Istanbul, we found a plastic amphora, looking not dissimilar to the amphorae of old. technorati tags: Turkey, amphora, Istanbul, Santral Read more

Posted on October 20, 2005 16:19

Hairy dairy

Turkish goat cheese packaged and sold in an animal skin, just the way it was originally produced. Shepherds discovered that animal milk carried in animal skins curdles, (especially the skins of baby animals) and the rest is culinary history. This tube of tulum cheese was being portioned at the Egy... Read more

Posted on October 19, 2005 13:25

Branding Iftar in Istanbul is handy to mouthy

In Istanbul I spotted this column next to the Blue Mosque, advertising the use of soup powders to flavour traditional Turkish dishes for Iftar meals. If the goal is to address a broad consumer base, Knorr marketing is right on target with this Turkish ad hocking of product during the month of Ramm... Read more

Posted on 12:25

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