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More Chinese Food!

June 25, 2004


Yes, that’s a hedgehog riding a donkey! This Chinese cookie is made from fortune cookie dough. Normally I never eat fortune cookies, but these were so beautiful… that I can’t eat them either.
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Tonijn voor het Publieke Domein


That’s Dutch for Tunafish Salad for the Public Domain, the title of the bad weather picnic that I designed (and produced with the generous help of Tracey Prehay and Anne Schiffer) for the opening of my student’s exhibition at the Balengebouw in Roombeek (Enschede). (Website is forthcoming!)

tunafish sandwich (broodje tonijn voor het publieke domein)
baggie of pickles (zakje zuur - pickles, zilver uitjes)
baggie of sweeties (zakje zoet - bitter koekjes, nep ouderwetse drop)
peach (perzik)
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Moralist hangups

June 20, 2004


It’s a day for raucous rejoicing when an immigrant to the Netherlands can help the natives remember their culinary traditions. Hangop is a Dutch summer dessert. It is simply yoghurt hung up in a wet tea towel until all of the whey has drained out of it, thickening the yoghurt in the process.

‘Why drain yoghurt yourself?’ you may ask. Indeed, why hang up yoghurt when we can now buy perfectly delicious, hyper-thick and fatty yoghurt at Turkish shops. The Turkish version even comes in a handy tub that when recycled works brilliantly as vernacular tupperware.

The reason you should drain your own yoghurt is that this process is beautiful to behold and it yields a urine coloured water called ‘whey’. Drink whey as a thirst quencher. Served ice-cold, there is no subsititute for piercing through the thick wall of mucous produced by an 80 kilometer cycling adventure than a good glass of whey.
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