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Oh to be a gay man and not on speaking terms…

September 21, 2004


Pictured above is a series of cakes designed and produced by Kees Raat of Unlimited Delicious in Amsterdam. It doesn’t really matter what sort of cakes, I bought 3 kinds and they were all intriguing to the eye and I can only imagine that the taste was insane. I didn’t actually get offered a bite.

For the sake of this story let’s just say that a friend of mine named Jim asked me to do him a favour. Jim (who for the sake of this story lives in Arnhem) wanted me to spoil his bed-ridden ex-boyfriend with sweets but didn’t dare to come up and do this himself because the boys were in the throes of a kafuffle (as they say in Canada). The boyfriend (let’s call him Hamid for the sake of the story), had just days ago become a short-term shut-in due to a knee operation and under the guise of ‘checking to see if he’s allright’, Jim asked me to visit Hamid bearing gifts in his name. What follows is all very soapy but what I find so amazing is that this is a story about an EX boyfriend. ‘Would you please be a dear and get him some cakes and a box of chocolates - I’ll pay ya back.’ Sometimes you just want to be a gay man!

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