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October 11, 2005


The Dutch text on this poster inivtes non-muslims to join in a post-sunset dinner with their muslim neighbours during the month of Ramadan. Someone was absolutely using their noggin and Amsterdam is now host to this wonderful initiative called the Ramadan Festival. Muslim families have generously opened their homes for each evening’s break-the-fast Iftar meal in order to allow greater understanding of Islamic culture and faith during the holiday month. There is a slew of activities; lectures, debates (gotta have those lectures and debates!) on the subject of citizenship, culture, emancipation and the role of religion in secular society.

The Ramadan Festival website is informative including prayer times and the hour of each day’s sunset so that you know when you can resume tucking into the goodness! Via the website you can also sign up to receive break-the-fast alerts via text message on your celphone and register for the Iftar dinners. I of course signed up, and am eagerly waiting to hear from the organisation!

This year, Ramadan lasts until the 3rd of November. Get fasting!

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  1. Ahmed is ill so he can’t fast but I ask after his wife everytime I see him and his answer is always the same; that’s she’s fine, just a bit tired. The other day I also asked after his 9 year old son, how he was getting along with the fasting. Ahmed cracked up, Amil turned out to be far too young to join in, one usually doesn’t start before 16-18 years old, silly woman!
    Wish I’d known before about the ramadanfestival-website…

    Comment by Kristi — October 12, 2005 @ 8:24

  2. Hi K, I think you have to be 14 to fast - until 57, or something like that. You also have to be in good health, and although in good health, pregnant women, menstruating women are exempt from fasting.

    Comment by Debra — October 13, 2005 @ 16:00

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