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Culiblog dot org is one year young

November 5, 2005

Museum Night 2005 marks the one year anniversary of the domain culiblog dot org and the ladies were there to celebrate with me at the restaurant that incorporates this domain name the most into its interior design. For the time being this is could only mean Food Facility, but lord only knows what the future will bring! The Ladies Debra, Julie, RenĂ©e, Helena, Quirine, Klazien and Aya especially enjoyed our bubbles with croquetas d’amour, presented in an inside joke of absorbant Dutch design.

After a yummy dinner speckled by visits from the Ladies Jans, Mo, Jessica, Jeanette, Martje, ZsaZsa and Rebecca, we fortified ourselves with kir royale in the Garage Bar, where some of our posse got nostalgic and indulged themselves in a dishwashing performance accompanied by what I believe to be a homemade version of a Vanessa Beecroft video. (Did you know that all the dishes at the Food Facility are washed by hand?)

Eventually we managed to nip into the Stedelijk where I especially enjoyed Rineke Dijkstra’s portraits and Jeanne van Heeswijk & Dennis Kaspori’s Face Your World project installation. We were having a grand time chatting with Dennis, so grand that Jeanne eventually asked us to leave. The ladies returned to homebase via the Best Designed Books expo where Renee Ridgeways’s Migrating Identities was on display as the 38th best designed book of 2004!

Back at the GuixĂ© and Mediamatic Food Facility, the chef formerly known as Chef Thor and Mme Rianne tried to hock the six remaining croquetas d’amor and japonais. Mr. and Mrs. Cameron were playing so very sweetly that some of us ladies just got up, peeled off a layer of Viktor & Rolf and started shaking our booties right then and there. Within twenty minutes us adults had infected the youth with our girations and the entire place was dancing giddily indoors and out until the wee hours of the very next morning.

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  1. Congratulations!

    Comment by mzn — November 10, 2005 @ 21:27

  2. Hey! Congratulations. You’ve put together a great site these last twelve months. Here’s to many more.

    Comment by barrett — November 11, 2005 @ 18:27

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