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Green manure cover crops and another garden parcel

January 5, 2006

Yesterday I aquired another parcel of land when I went to pay my yearly subscription at Monsieur L. Thirty-five euros per parcel (roughly 100m2) and all the river water you can use. Still, with the chateau of the Comtesse de R. in plain view, we the serfs of the C’-ac allotments know that all of this could be taken away at any time. But for the time being, I have enough ground to grow and experiment to my heart’s content. It’s extremely relaxing when my largest concern is how to increase the biomass of my soil. I’ll be experimenting by sowing ‘green manure’ cover crops (buckwheat, yellow mustard, soy beans and alfalfa) on my two parcels until spring planting begins in March.

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