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Irrigate, ice skate

February 28, 2006

Took the new irrigation system out for a spin and it looks like I have a hunquering for the Netherlands. The idea is that all manner of plant life will grow along the borders, if it would just stop freezing for one day.

Vernacular architecture. Surely I have the ugliest shed in the gardens and hope that a good flood will wash it away.

My sweet neighbour Sidi AlGouche, who saw me pissing about with the main canal structure, took the hoe from my hands, (Gimme that hoe, Ho!) and laid out the canal perimeter. He’s so bored right now that he’s raking his lands for the fourth time. Note, the blue pills that he gives his garden.


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Spring is a time of rebirth

February 26, 2006

But not for everyone. Upon inspection of my lands I discovered a dead mouse. And then another, and another. In total, there were six dead mice on my new plot!

Looks like someone is a picky eater. Actually, its not spring here, its still freezing five degrees in the night. I returned to my Occitanian kitchen garden Sunday to discover that not one of my cover crops had sprouted let alone burgeoned in the sub-zero weather. Imagine that, seeds not sprouting when its -5!

In the mean time I got to try out the motoculteur, which we have nicknamed the motivateur for obvious reasons. It took me thirty minutes to turn my gardens, fifteen of which were spent getting the motor to start.

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Git yer frites on! What we’ll probably all be wearing this Fall

February 24, 2006

Daddy’s favourite outfit from the Jeremy Scott Fall 2006 collection, image used entirely without permission

This is no time to bitch I mean kvetch about healthier alternatives. Just plunk down a honqin’ load o’ dosh and git yer dang frites on, bi-haa-whoa. It’s New York designer Jeremy Scott’s Fall 2006 collection, and I’m sort of all over it.

From the Jeremy Scott Fall 2006 collection, image used entirely without permission

Really dig the pizza robe, but unless I keep the yurt up all winter, I just don’t see it fitting into my lifestyle. It is mind-boggling though how well haute couture goes with a yurt. I keep telling everyone it was a practical choice, but you just have to keep the bigger picture in mind for that to become clear. Jeremy Scott is part of that bigger picture.

My new lounge-about-the-yurt robe from the Jeremy Scott Fall 2006 collection, used entirely without permission, although, soon I’ll take my own dang pictures

Who wears Jeremy Scott besides me? Björk, Cammy Diaz, Chrissie Aguilera, Kylie Minogue, the artist formerly known as Esthertje and the geologist formerly known as my Dad.

From the Jeremy Scott Fall 2006 collection used entirely without permission

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