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Kitchen garden inventory

May 10, 2006

What is intensely boring to one person can be rivetting to another. Case in point: my kitchen garden inventory as of the 10th of May 2006: Upper Garden

Row 0 l: (up) sage, cali poppy, silver dollar, rocket, (down) opal basil

Row 0 r: (down) basil, (down) opal basil

Row 1l: (up) sage, fennel, various bulbs rainbow chard, sage, (down) strawberries, delphinia, rainbow chard, bulbs

Row 1r: (up) fennel, red kale, purple cauliflower, purple kohlrabi, (down) silverdollar plant, red cabbage, brock calabria, violet cauliflower

Row 2l: (up) strawberries, onions (x2) coreander, marigold, tulips, dill, (down) strawberries, shallots, purple haze carrots

Row 2r: (up) purple shiso, borage x 3, amaranth, (down) bergamot x 4, onions

Row 3l: (up) strawberries, choke early and purple, choke late, (down) choke late

Row 3r: (up) jalape├▒o, paprika, jalape├▒o, paprika, aubergine, gladiola, marigold, aubergine, (down) jalape├▒o paprika, paprika, jalape├▒o, onions

Row 4l: (up) opal basil, mizuna, amaranth, (down) opal basil, mizuna, red berry bush, mizuna

Row 4r: (up) mangetout peas, onions, (down) mangetout peas, onions, carrots (made a mistake because onions and peas don’t go together supposedly)

Row 5l: (up) 2 x cherry tomatoes, 4 x ondine cornu, (down) 4 x roma, 1 x cherry tomato

Row 5r: (up) celery, onions, dahlia, (down) onions, radishes, red cabbage, beets

Row 6l: (up) moneymaker x 4, cherry tomato, (down) 4 x ondine cornu, cherry tomato

Row 6r: (up) red cabbage, beets, marigold, fennel, (down) rhubarb x 2, beets (detroit, candycane, egyptian flat), fennel, horseradish, beets

Row 7l: (up) 3 x roma, cherry tomato, (down) 3 x moneymaker, opal and green basil, purple and green shiso on borders of tomato rows 5-7

Row 7r: (up) horseradish (x4), beets, (down) brassica corner, bruxelles sprouts, romanesca, beets, chervil, fennel

Row 8: (up) beets, genovese basil, lupines, (down) coreander, lupines, gladiolas, fennel, cali poppy, fenugreek

In front of upper kitchen garden shed right: fig, mint, peppermint, ginger, marigolds, calendula, iris germanica (please grow you dang thing!), dahlias, lupines, lavender.

Perimeter Upper Garden left: mint, mint and more mint, peppermint, lupines, glads, delphinia, cali poppies, shiso red and green, basil green and purple

Lower Kitchen Garden:
Row 1: sunflowers, dill, soy
Row 2: soy, dill, chickpea
Row 3: adzuki, dill, red night kidney (at pole: morning glory)

Raised beds from upper to lower:
Bed 1: marigold, gold rush yellow courgette
Bed 2: pickling cucumbers
Bed 3: luffah
Bed 4: pumpkin
Bed 5: spaghetti squash
Bed 6: calabash gourds
Bed 7: galia melons
Bed 8: cantaloup
Bed 9: watermelon
Bed 10: poblano chilies, marconi peppers
Bottom 2 rows: golden bantam corn
Perimeter: amaranth, buckwheat and temporarily alfalfa and buckwheat were compulsively planted on the beds to change my weed environment to these weeds.

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  1. It looks like you have made a chinampa vegetable garden. Is the water a permanent feature? If it is a chinampa system, how are you going to utilise the water portion of the garden?

    Comment by Douglas Barnes — October 27, 2006 @ 23:04

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