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The gentlemen farmers’ summer party

August 27, 2007

l'homme dansant
Dancing with wines, dahlia fetishist, celebrity hayseed, gentle farmer-man en silhouette

Guus and Lisette yukkin' it up
All natural, all gentleman, slash Friesian agro-history adept, organic farmer-man Guus yuks it up with Lisette.

Nature lesson in the reeds
Then gives us a reed-obscured all-natural history lesson

At pond's edge, Madeleine and Hans are moved to contemplation
moving Madeleine and Hans to silent contemplation.

A poet arrives
A poet’s arrival through now knee-high nasturtiums, weedy weeds ‘n beans and amaranthus plumes.

The guests sip wine amidst Ar's dahlias
Deep in the midst of dahlias, illustrious guests sip wine,

what a pity that co-host herman verkerk and artist andré vd berg are obscured from view
whilst Netherlands’ finest grapple a gifted pear.

Lulu guards the pesce spada
And a glam diva ham guards a skewered pesce spada, BBQ’d au plein air.

Pesce spada closeup
Oh my!

Chef Maher Al and assistant Artuur prepare to filet the beast
The sous Artur (r), the chef Maher (l), the succulent filet,

Diner au grand commité
Resulting in diner au champs, finger lick, enjoyed au grand commité.

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  1. End of summer Sinter Klaas.

    Comment by debra — August 28, 2007 @ 1:53

  2. I miss images of lots of people, but especially Herman.

    Comment by Debra van Culiblog — August 28, 2007 @ 2:11

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