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About 10,000 EURO worth of ham

June 10, 2004

An image of the ham fridge at one of Barcelona’s bistros. This is clearly the ideal way to store the serrano hams until the neat shavings land on a plate near your bread.

To prepare the Catalunian bread you rub a clove of garlic into the dry toasted piece of bread and smear half of a tomato into the bargain. You then discard the tomato for use in something else that you’re cooking and proceed to drizzle quadruple virgin olive oil over the bread. I like to sprinkle a bit of sea salt at this point because the Catalunians neglect to use salt in their bread baking process.

You can tell that this is not my plate because I would never eat bread with a knife and fork.

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  1. Great information! Especially to see your parents high on beer is a treat!

    Comment by Kristi — June 12, 2004 @ 21:45

  2. hey err, update graag!

    Comment by Kristi — June 19, 2004 @ 12:13

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