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Carrot Caramel with Poached Peaches

June 14, 2004


Sometimes you make something so tasty it just boggles the mind.

Carrot Caramel with Poached Peaches

Have ready at hand:
- peaches: poached, peeled and portioned
- fresh carrot juice
- juice of one lemon
- a great deal of white sugar
- a big sheet of baker’s parchment laid out on a heat resistant surface

Scatter the sections of peach on the baker’s parchment.

Put the sugar in an enamel pot with just enough water to moisten it into ‘wet sand’. Place the enamel pot on a high flame and start stirring. For the next 10 minutes you will be only doing this. Melting sugar can be dangerous - take measures beforehand to keep your working environment calm.

Stir the sugar mixture and observe the changes that are taking place. The sugar will start to boil and eventually become a crystal clear syrup. Note when this change takes place and continue stirring taking care to not let the mixture boil over. Reduce the heat slightly if this threatens to occur.

After 5 minutes of this you may notice that the mixture starts to get a slight touch of colour. At first sign of this pour in the fresh carrot juice. (If you used 1 cup of sugar, pour in 1 cup of juice.) and be careful, this will produce a lot of steam that could potentially burn you. Don’t hover your face above the pot.

Keep stirring and playing with the flame to keep the mixture just under bubbling up. After about 2 minutes of this take your spoon and dribble a few drops of the mixture onto the baker’s parchment. Test these in a minute with your finger. Are they hard already? Do they peel off easily? If not, keep stirring and up the flame. Continue to test until you can get a brittle ‘hardball’ of sugar.

When the sugar is ready pour the bubbling caramel over the peaches, covering each one.

Let cool. You can break this piece of caramel into bits or serve the crunchy and gooey tangyness with Citrus Hangop.

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