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Recipes without words

June 5, 2005

Image: olive oil, green tea powder, ume boshi vinegar, © Debra Solomon 2004

The images above and below are from a cookbook of mine in-the-making titled Recipes without words. Or rather, with very few words. More later. I’m about to do a presentation about culiblog in the ‘s Hertogenbosch artists’ initiative Artis. This Sunday’s programme is titled Art Fluid and culiblog is just one of several interesting programme pieces. We will be making Hang op with rose caramel and local strawberries.

Image: olive oil, grass powder, ume boshi vinegar, © Debra Solomon 2004

Image: sugar, soy sauce, shrimp powder, © Debra Solomon 2004

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  1. Hi,

    Yesterday I was at your presentation and promissed to mail a recipe:
    Apple with nails.
    It’s very simple: take an apple, prick 4 rust nails into the apple and let it rest for 3 or 4 days. The rust comes into the apple. That’s a way of getting iron.

    greetings Claire

    Comment by Claire — June 6, 2005 @ 12:55

  2. Hi Claire, i’m going to give this a try and put it in the culiblog as an entry. Thanks for the tip.

    Comment by debra — June 8, 2005 @ 21:30

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