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So except for the coffee…

July 26, 2005

You may have noticed that culiblog has entered holiday mode. Hopefully this will all end soon. Profound apologia for the die-hards, but it’s summer and all I want is homegrown. Please just go outside.

Here in Occitania, most of our food doesn’t even make it the fridge before we’ve brushed the dirt off the roots and gobbled it up. Breakfast happens during the morning’s water & weed and consists of cherry tomatoes, blackberries and baby courgettinissimi. Raw sheep’s cheeses from the market, either very young or very old are our favourites and the saltiest dried ham compliment our salad at lunch. We have decided that we like all of our lettuces pure, not mixed. They’re so sweet and full of flavour when you grow them yourself.

Except for the coffee, tea and peanut butter (you can take the girl out of California, but you can’t take the California out of the girl), we’re easily eating food grown within 5 kilometres of where we live. Yes, including the wine.

Now if we could just say that about our cosmetics. Please send black nail varnish.

images from l to r: today’s harvest to be eaten at lunch, my garden (which changes every single day)
(Please

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Will weed for food (again)

July 20, 2005

This is hopefully the last gushy garden blog entry and I will try to stick to the menu from now on. But whilst weeding my allotment, I found five clumps of bean plants, rows of coreander and a few onions. It’s bare but ready for some real landscaping now. I am told that there are still four months for planting, a forgiving environment.
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Why we do it

July 16, 2005

Beer? Cigarette?

Madame Kristi and her kitchen garden.

Beer? Cigarette? Under the shade of the fig tree, El Gouche is truly the host with the most of the garden allotments. I never leave for home without at least three heads of the most delicious lettuce, handfuls of radishes and lots of arm touching.

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