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Juliano’s Raw

October 28, 2005

Image of Juliano and friends courtesy of Juliano Brotman’s Planet Raw website

Loyal culiblog readers know that I like my bacon fried crispy and that I never pass up an opportunity to eat most forms of smoked pork. But I also like to expand my culinary and nutritional repetoire with raw food kweezeen. Everything in moderation, including and especially moderation. This weekend Juliano Brotman, chef proprietor of the Hollywood restaurant Raw is in Amsterdam giving a workhop together with ashtanga yoga instructor Caroline Klebl.

Saturday October 29, de Loods/Prinseneiland 20G Amsterdam
13.30-15.30 Ashtanga Yoga workshop with Caroline Klebl
16.00-19.00h Raw Vegan Cuisine: drinks, desserts, hors d’oeuvres

Sunday October 30, de Loods/Prinseneiland 20G Amsterdam
11.00-13.00 Ashtanga Yoga workshop with Caroline Klebl
14.00-16.30 Raw Vegan Cuisine: salads, soups and entrées

For reservations: +31 (0)6 3377 1014

Of course I’ll be attending the entrées preparation ‘block’ because I think I can just figure out how to make a raw salad but never seem to get around to making Juliano’s Raw Chili. One sad discovery is that, in terms of mise en place, it’s difficult to combine preparation for raw and cooked foods into one meal. Raw food, however delicious and wholesome, is labour and ingredient intensive. My hope is that Juliano’s workshop will increase my facility enough to eradicate the technical glitch that is influencing the success of my dinner parties.

There is a glut of food-related events this Sunday but a nice thing about Raw Food (and other low glycaemic diets) is that within hours of eating one is RAVENOUS. (Who was the hippy that said you should always leave one third of your belly free for Shiva?) Right after Juliano’s pizza emerges from the dehydrator, I’ll be tucking into something else delicious at the Guixégasbord at Mediamatic that selfsame evening.

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  1. You know what strikes me when I look at raw foodists? (these three too, even if they’re so wonderfully looking)
    They don’t seem happy. I was at a raw food workshop and nobody around me looked happy. Most of them didn’t even look particularly healthy or radiant. And they kept on talking to each other about how good it was for them to eat all raw and how their lives had changed for the better without even a glimpse of a smile on their faces, as if they reeeeeeeallly needed to convince themselves that is was just like that. Am I being judgemental? Mwah.

    Comment by Nicoletta — November 24, 2006 @ 20:08

  2. you’re right Nicoletta, it’s not a sexy bunch.

    Comment by debra — November 24, 2006 @ 21:18

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