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The Dutch Cocaine Factory
to debut at the IDFA

November 11, 2007

Jeanette Groenendaal, the Dutch Cocaine Factory
Still from the Dutch Cocaine Factory © Jeanette Groenendaal 2007 and used entirely with permission

It’s not a food, it’s a crop, and until World War II, the Netherlands was the largest producer of quality cocaine in the world. Reserve your tickets now for Jeanette Groenendaal’s debut documentary, the Dutch Cocaine Factory. The film will enjoy celebrate its world premier next week at the IDFA (International Documentary Festival Amsterdam).

Other fab friends with world premieres at the IDFA next week are Quirine Racké and Helena Muskens with Come Back Kate, a wonderful film about the Kate Bush fan base, though devoid of any food-related subject matter.

One group of friends, two world premiers in one day. November 23rd will be awash with bubbles.

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How stuff is made, even the food kind of stuff

November 5, 2007

How Stuff is Made

Techno artist and design engineer Natalie Jeremijenko, in Amsterdam last Friday presenting at the STIFO/Sandberg workshop showed us a wiki site where her NYU students were sharing information about how common products are made. Among the foodstuffs, shrimp, fortune cookies and eau de vie. For extra fun, check out what’s under the Denial of Access button.

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A cellar for your salts

November 1, 2007

Liora Bess Rosin, salt cellars, funnel cellar for coarse sea salt
Three in a set in shades of greys,
Liora Bess Rosin, salt cellars, shadow play
For different salts strewn different ways,
Liora Bess Rosin, salt cellars, funnel cellar for coarse sea salt
And well aware of shadow play.

Earlier this month at the Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show, Liora Rosin showed-off stunning and tactilicious salt cellars in porcelain. No wonder she graduated cum laude.

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