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All I really really want is locative food

October 1, 2005

Centraal Station frites

That is, food that tells me where I am and where it’s from by it’s very name and nature (without the use of an RFID tag). And all I really really want is to have one major train station and one major airport in one country that sells food that is not created by food product designers but by local people from local ingredients and reflecting the diverse local food culture already present.

Imagine Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport… Could the experience of Schiphol be enriched if you knew that this was the only airport in the world where you could exclusively buy locally grown and produced Dutch food and regional specialities? Was it already one and a half years ago that Doors of Perception and Urban Unlimited organised a cultural experts meeting for the city of Breda, a new node on the line of the High Speed Train. If I recall correctly, we recommended just this very thing.

The images above were taken within a period of 4 minutes. Friday afternoon, chip eaters abound at Amsterdam Centraal Station. Just imagine the possible effect on the environment and the state of agriculture and upon the local economy if these chips were made from a diverse range of local potatoes, fried in oil grown and produced locally. Imagine if you could order chips from a menu sporting 8 different kinds of potato! Imagine if the product of the finger fried potato embraced diversity.

And then there’s the mayo…
And the knowledge economy that could sprout up from bringing the local boutique producer’s products to the transportation hubs of the world…

Frites eaters: images of people eating chips taken on Friday September 30, 2005 from 16:23-27 at Amsterdam CS and on the train to Rotterdam.

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  1. Hi Debra, was great to meet you at the Food Design symposium. Great to see that you picked up the term locative food - Marc loved it as well :)

    Comment by Auke Touwslager — October 1, 2005 @ 16:02

  2. Great entry! Hey and guess what, yesterday I made my first Mayo! I ran out and decided I needed it to accompany fried potatoes with the french local sausage and homegrown beans and - it was daring, I realize - looked up in my “Haagse kook boek” how to make mayo. Turned out to be dead-easy, quick and fun to make. I only had french oil, french vinegar french mustard powder etc and the funny thing was, it WAS mayo, but different. Nice though and new to my mouth.
    I’d love to experience all those local interpretations even for the same fast-food.

    Comment by kristi van Riet — October 2, 2005 @ 12:56

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