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Culinary experimentation dream

September 29, 2003

Culiblog dot org was launched in October 2004 from a series of entries written since May of that year. This entry was originally sent as an email to friends and was later added to the culiblog collection.

Last night I had a very long and vivid dream that I won’t get into just now, (because it was long and vivid and completely unsuitable for a culinary blog, that’s why!) but one of the funniest parts of this dream was a cooking moment making it my first ever culinary-experimentation dream.

I was preparing an informal dinner for my extended family and friends in what seemed to be our communal home, tastefully decorated in entirely too much white. le plat du jour? a bolognese of jumpers on a duck-feather duvet!

happily I began the preparation of this gargantuan pizza-like course on top of the large white (naturalement) kitchen work-surface that somehow invisibly contained a heating element. I was carefully warming the duvet (no, not a new one) on the large surface, cheerfully ladling liberal amounts of an excellent homemade bolognese sauce onto the jumpers that I had laid out on top of it. the jumpers were soaking up the sauce greedily and I seemed satisfied with the direction the meal was going. mmmmm mmmmm good. my cousin rebecca looked on and we chit-chatted as I continued with the cooking process.

at some point I left the duvet to fend for itself (yes, on a low flame) and became pre-occupied with the re-purchase of our neighbour’s recently stolen brompton folding bike from some junkies. (they were only asking 25 EUnits and if you changed gears in a certain way the brompton became amphibious, sporting a self-inflating colourful rubber dinghy.) an amazing shower of events ensued (the vivid part) but eventually I returned to my cooking only to find that my darling duvet bolognese….. was burnt on the bottom. damn! how the gods punish the non-chalant cook!

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  1. jury report:

    for visuals: 10 / 10
    for description: 10 / 10
    for taste: 0 / 10

    Comment by kristi — September 30, 2003 @ 19:26

  2. but you didn’t even try any….
    just one bite - that’s what my parents always said.

    and…. lekker is maar een finger lang, that’s probably what YOUR parents always said.

    Comment by debra — October 1, 2003 @ 0:10

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