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Compost heaps of the rich and famous

December 14, 2006 loves the Christoph Seyferth House in Maastricht with compost heap!
The Seyferth house sports a compost heap!

Well, at least of the famous. This is a shot of a compost heap in the back of the in-process home being built by designer/architect Christoph Seyferth. Although the house isn’t even finished, I was pleased to see that the happening kitchen infrastructure was already in place. This bodes well.

In the beginning of December I travelled far south below the rivers to discuss co-curating an exhibition about food and the Dutch landscape at the brand spanking new NAi dependance in Maastricht with its brand spanking new director Guus Beumer (additionally director of the Marres Centre for Contemporary Culture). The meeting took place on the drive down from Amsterdam so that once we were finally in Maastricht we could do some location scoping and focus on checking out Guus’ new domestic pied ├á terre. The house designed by architect/designer Seyferth is truly beautiful and almost, nearly, barely, just about to be finished. loves the food prep in the Christoph Seyferth House in Maastricht.
The kitchen in the guest flat isn’t yet completely installed but the artists-in-residence joyfully ad-hocked this fab food prep setup together. Some folks are just inherently stylish! loves the kitchen Christoph Seyferth House in Maastricht.
User testing in the eventual Seyferth House kitchen loves the Christoph Seyferth House in Maastricht with external staircase wrapped in plastic weave.
Under the first floor, looking towards the garden. loves the Christoph Seyferth House in Maastricht.
The stairs are wrapped in agricultural polyweave. loves the Christoph Seyferth House in Maastricht.
From the garden looking up! loves the Christoph Seyferth House in Maastricht.
La fa├žade loves the ambience at the Christoph Seyferth House in Maastricht.
Not even moved in and the ambience already rocks!

I’ve been told that if I behave myself (whatever that means) I can come over for dinner once or twice and eventually worm my way in for an extended stay.

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  1. Worst. Website. Ever.

    Okay, maybe not the absolute worst, but pretty damn bad. People who make unusable web sites should be exposed and punished, no matter how good their architecture.

    Seyforth’s web site is so bad, so poorly constructed for its intended purpose, I have real doubts that his architecture is satisfying beyond the pictures.

    Comment by Sean — December 18, 2006 @ 6:40

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