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Back in the saddle with an Occitanian sausage

February 25, 2005

A rather large Occitanian sausage! Before bad eating habits comes pork sausage and after bad eatings habits comes pork sausage. Could John T. have brought a nicer gift for the folks from the Virtual Platform than this? This is a prime example of a man using his… noggin.

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Bad eating habits

February 16, 2005

Mille pardons. Culiblog is temporarily suffering from bad eating habits.



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Lacking and craving

February 8, 2005

Supposedly craving a certain food is your body telling you that your diet lacks a certain something. But what is it that my diet lacks if I get cravings for 1000 year eggs with Cheese in a Can Soup? Could the lack of light and earthy outdoor fun up here in the Polar Circle have made me wood ash and lime deficient? Do I need to get my tochas down to Occitania where I never crave these elegant looking duck eggs?

1000 year eggs are raw duck eggs that have been coated with a paste of salt, wood ash and lime and then rolled in rice chaff to keep them from cementing together. They are placed in a ceramic pot and rotated every few days for two weeks. After this time the insides of the eggs have become ’softboiled’ and turned dark transluscent amber (the white) and greenish greyish black (the yolk).

The design of my old Mac G3 laptop (a Pismo) always reminded me of a 1000 year egg. I find this colour combination extremely elegant - the ‘white’ of the 1000 year egg is like a golden amber aspic, sometimes with fractal designs forming in it!

Doesn’t it just make you wonder how a preservation technique like this develops?
(Please

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