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A street snack called chaat

March 14, 2005

In Delhi street vendors sell chaat, that is to say snacks consisting of all manner of puffed, roasted and deepfried legumes, grains, pasta products and broken crackers. Nibbles to go, nibbles to take home, nibbles that remind one of the street. A chaat vendor will sell his beans and bobs dry to take home, or if you’ve got the right guy he’ll mix up a little chaat-snack for you right then and there with some very much needed chaat-moisturizer i.e. sweet chilli sauce.

Look at (click on) the image on the left closely and you’ll see the bags in which the chaat is sold folded neatly between the goods. The bags are made of recycled newspaper and other redundant paper glued into bags for packaging.

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  1. Here’s a burning question I have:
    Does all chaat masala have black salt?
    It’s the one Indian spice I just can’t do with….

    Comment by courtney — October 19, 2005 @ 22:59

  2. Fortunately this fart-like ingredient is absent in most chaat fodder. How perverse am I that I love this ingredient?

    Comment by Debra — October 26, 2005 @ 13:24

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