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So except for the vodka…

August 6, 2005

We thought that homegrown bloody marys would be an appropriate drink to celebrate his 44th birthday and to give the yurt a proper yurt-warming. All of the ingredients except the ever-important electrolytic enhancors were homegrown or grown within 2 kilometres of the yurt. Thankfully more homegrown (from only 4,5km away) was gifted later. Gawd bless us.

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44th birthday party/yurt-warming menu

Homegrown bloody marys
Selection of nearly every age of sheep and goat cheeses running all over the place
Sorrel quiche
Peach and blackberry terrine

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  1. To make the bloody mary, just make gazpacho as pictured above and add vodka.

    Comment by Debra — August 30, 2005 @ 10:01

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