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Birthday Cake ultra-lite

August 9, 2007

Birthday cake ultra-light
When you’ve inhaled enough buttercream for one life…

So would your life be any less fab if you never ate birthday cake again? What is worth more, satisfying 1000 desires or learning to control just one?

birthday cake ultra-light
Birthday boy John B. & buddy Betty D. & basking cake

In lieu of the same ‘ol same ‘ol, Marlein and Inez took the birthday tradition to another level and whipped up this birthday cake ultra-light for John B. Gawd I hope they don’t try this with me I mean, what a fabuleus birthday cake of light.

Please excuse the radiostilte, culiblog is experiencing the joy of fixin’ up the homefront. The biggest chunks of the choking dust are due to settle sometime before September 2008.

Marlein Overakker of Wandering Banquets
Marlein Overakker by candlelight

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