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Eat at a brothel during
Dutch Design Week

October 17, 2006

photo: Gero Asmuth, hot guy: Erasmus
Photo: Gero Asmuth, hot guy: Erasmus. Image courtesy of la Bolleur designer-initiators Jannink, vdHijden and vVugt and used entirely with permission.

Design Academy Eindhoven students Timon van der Hijden, Zowie Jannink and Steie van Vugt have transformed the former brothel, La Bolleur into a restaurant for Dutch Design Week. Instead of reserving a table, guests will be given a room in the FORMER BROTHEL, which I must say is really interesting from a purely cultural relativist point of view.

One year ago when the lads had just squatted I mean gained access to the building, I was fortunate to get an extensive tour of the premises. Gossip will have it that the top floor used to be called the Philips Board Room! I have to admit to being rather impressed with the brothel’s focus on functional design. Where as I wouldn’t describe the interior as wheel-chair friendly, there did seem to be quite a lot of handles and rails to hang onto, rendering losing one’s balance nearly impossible. Good thinking!

Doing up a brothel into a fully-functioning restaurant is a snap when you can apply ad-hocist principles to the building’s infrastructure. ‘Eating’ in a blackened backroom may be nothing new, but what is a sauna if not a very large vegetable steamer? And what is a jacuzzi other than one huge possibility for making soup? The menu includes only the room names, and my curiousity is piqued inordinantly by the room titled ‘Golden Delicious’. Yay! Apple month at la Bolleur!

Expect everything the boys say. And in the name of Design, is there anything sexier than that?

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