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Illustrious guests

November 19, 2006

international art critic Paul Groot inspects the work
International art critic Paul Groot inspects the work. Photo by illustrious guest Joost Bottema used entirely with permission

Turns out we lingered a bit too long on Mateusz Herczka’s phermone exuding garden furniture, but man oh man did we have a good time last night at the sprout restaurant, political differences aside… The enhanced prototype benches exude a human social interaction enhancing hormone that makes you thrilled to be social, sometimes for days afterwards. Case in point, Mademoiselle Blocq and I had a hyper-hard time keeping shtum at yoga today.

testing robots orally
Orally fixated sprout restauranteuse taste-tests the little robots. ‘Tickles!’ Photo by illustrious guest Joost Bottema used entirely with permission

Oh, did I mention that you can weld a robot together after dinner? Menu fixe!

Arjan, Simon en Marlein kijken zeer aandachtig naar een kiempje!
Dutch organic gardening TV star and Amsterdam’s dishiest cake parlour owner slash haute pattissier and Chef Merveilleuse/culiblog covergirl Marlein Overakker scrutinize a micro-green. Photo by illustrious guest Aya van Caspel used entirely with permission

Abital Gomperts eats with her right hand
Sprout-enthusiast and toddler Abital Gomperts shows the brothers how to eat with their right hands

erga kitchen princess
Kitchen Princess Erga (not her real name) transforms each plate into a magical Wundergarten. Sister’s got it all, rosey cheeks, decolletehayhay!

the real stars - the sprouts
The real stars of the evening!

Sprout mash and sausage photo by Aya van Caspel
Bursting with love organic pork sausage, photo by Aya van Caspel

vernacular tupperware
A vernacular design genius keeps the sprouts fresh!

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