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Grow yer own dang food

October 29, 2006

sprouts in the sun culiblog
Radish and leek sprouts in the low-angled polar sun

November 3, Restaurant prototype to open
Grow Yer Own Dang Food, micro-green cuisine

A restaurant devoted to sprouted seeds and micro-greens could only be called a Sproutstaurant. And at a Sproutstaurant one eats, micro-green cuisine!

For 2 months in Amsterdam beginning Friday, November 3rd you can enjoy no less than 31 sorts of sprouted vegetable accompanied by that most quintessential of Dutch foods, potato mash (stamppot). In an exuberant expression of Grow Yer Own Dang Food, culiblog’s Debra Solomon will be presenting a menu that we all could easily have grown ourselves.

Grow yer own dang food! Right here in our urban caves, right here in the Polar Circle. Here, in the dead and dark of winter, you can grow yer own dang food.

We all know by now that transporting food by lorry and airplane uses loads of petrol and causes suffering in rural communities far away but also back in the Heimatt. A significant portion of inter-urban transportation is devoted to the acquisition and transportation of food into our homes. Eating home grown food offers a sustainable solution to securing an ethically produced food supply.

Recognising that the urban interior is no place for permaculture activism, the Grow Yer Own Dang Food sprout restaurant offers an elegant solution to self-sufficient-ish organic food production at minimal cost and with maximal style.

Solomon assures us, ‘Sprouting, it’s not just for hippies anymore.’

pumpkin sprouts culiblog
Sprouting pumpkin seeds

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