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Dark side of the moon soup

February 14, 2007

1000 year old egg, kefir and sheep cheese with onions
1000 year old egg, in a puddle of kefir and onions

I’m in love, in-loved and love my beloved as much as the next gal, but I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Valentine’s Day. (Schatje doesn’t read my blog, thank gawd!)

February is the month where the novelty and exoticism of winter’s dreary darkness has completely worn off for me. Born in the Mojave Desert and based in the Polar Circle, it is sometimes possible to be lured by others into thinking that the utter lack of warmth and light is in some way charming. Come February I’ve pretty much had it and have started cursing the fact that I didn’t follow each new year’s resolution to get the hell out of Dodge for the winter months. A nippy winter night in Occitania you can wax romantic about, but up here, the incessant greyness sans etoiles of cloud cover like a woolen blanket wrapped around your head and temperatures hovering around 8-12°C, it’s so neither here nor there.

On the bright side, the 1000 year eggs are back. They were banned for a few months to further whip up fear about the bird flu. But these jeweled beauties will be part of my Valentine Dinner which I will simply refer to as ‘dinner’ and which I will colour coordinate with the night sky…

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  1. How did you attain this strange egg? What does it taste like? I am very interested in trying it.

    Comment by Lily — February 24, 2007 @ 18:46

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