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Spring salad bouquet

March 22, 2007

Violet cauliflower explosion

After 6 months of neglect and a rather substantial flood, I really didn’t expect to find much in the Occitanian kitchen garden. But in fact, we will have trouble eating our way through the sheer amount of over the top, beautifully bolted brassicas, flowering mizuna and rucola, brussels sprouts and even bright lights chard.

cauliflower flowers soaking

On the first day of Spring I gather a salad for the lunch consisting of violet cauliflower flowers, yellow broccoli flowers, dandelions, mizuna and rucola flowers with their residual greens and a scattering of bergamot and mint leaves.

picked salad

Maybe it was because of the arrangement, but Wayne really thought it was a bouquet!

salad bouquet
Salad bouquet

the Occitanian kitchen garden
As seen from the lower garden, productive allotment, even in my absence

rucola flowers
Rucola flowers

a collection of brassicas
A collection of brassicas. The black kale is stunning, sweet and has just the right texture.

sorrel corner
Sorrel coming up all by itself

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  1. Your garden pickings are beautiful and I am jealous! I’m amazed at all that broccoli.

    Comment by Anna — April 1, 2007 @ 17:34

  2. This is the loveliest, most interesting and genuingly tip top Food blog I have come across. EVER (meaning up to 24th Jan 2008 of course). Such good fresh writing. I know when I go home tonight that all the furniture will look like it has been moved 5 inches even although it hasn’t. It’s that inspirational.

    Well done. Honestly. I shower you in biscuits shaped like compliments.

    Thanks from Lord Alcohol

    Comment by Lord Alcohol — January 24, 2008 @ 7:56

  3. Dear Lord,

    Thank you for your bountiful biscuits.

    The pleasure is mine. Must get back down to the Occitanian Kitchen garden soon.

    Warm regards,


    Comment by debra — January 25, 2008 @ 19:54

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