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Hairy dairy

October 19, 2005

Turkish goat cheese packaged and sold in an animal skin, just the way it was originally produced. Shepherds discovered that animal milk carried in animal skins curdles, (especially the skins of baby animals) and the rest is culinary history. This tube of tulum cheese was being portioned at the Egyptian Spice Market in Istanbul. For some reason the practice of preserving and selling cheese in an animal skin is not echoed by the producers of cow’s milk cheeses.

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  1. It is not necessarily goat cheese. It is generally made of sheep’s milk or mixed milk.

    The skin may be a sheep skin or goat skin.

    And it is not so common to see the skin with hair by the way.

    The link below provides good information about the different types of cheese in Turkey.

    Comment by Deren — November 18, 2007 @ 19:18

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