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July 29, 2004

Oleander means ‘poisonous for man(kind)’ and the flowers, leaves and sap of this plant are indeed poisonous for humans to ingest. Upon my arrival here (2 weeks ago today!) Kristi asked me to take care of her failing oleanders. I got straight to work, watering, inspecting, killing large herds of orange aphids, concocting homemade pesticides to kill the aphids (just soap), and transplanting the oleanders into planters that effectively keep in the moisture.

These days the oleanders are putting on quite a show and this morning when I walked out to give them a look-see I noticed a very funny 6-legged white stamen! A white spider had camouflaged herself in the flower and was waiting for something delicious to come along and become breakfast! I am really pleased with this development because this means that nature has taken over the foul task of dealing with the aphids. If you’re like me and don’t like eating aphids, it’s really nice if another species lends a hand. One woman’s meat is another one’s poison.

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Regime Change

July 28, 2004


Now that the Tour de France is over we’ve decided to cut down on our calorie intake. Gazpacho for lunch. Blend ingredients, chill and serve.
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42 looks good on you…

July 27, 2004

Today Kristi has turned 42. She wants to keep a low-profile today which is why I have posted this image of her low-profile brunch in my blog. I always fake sour dough pancakes by using joghurt, lemon and lemon peel.

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