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Winter BBQ practice down at the kitchen gardens

December 23, 2005

Can kitchen garden soil ever really have enough potash? A quick look around the environs and the answer is a resounding ‘no’. It’s fire lighting time, again!

All the guys are doing it. Really. Every single last one of them.

Because lighting fires is like youth serum.

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But all that fire building is to compensate for the fact that mornings, the gardens look like this. The ground is frozen solid and there is a beautiful white frost cloaking everything. My neighbour, AlGouche, jokes that we should go for a ski, and motions between the rows.

There’s still plenty to do around here. In the next weeks I’ll prepare a little nursery for the seedlings in the back, sink a pipe to bring water down both sides of the garden and make an ergonomic garden layout. Famous last words: this year, I’m going to design the garden to make it easier on myself.

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