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Un vraiment couteau l’Aguiole!

July 23, 2004


After leaving the yurt encampment on the Aubrac Thursday, JT, Kristi and I decide to go down to the village of l’Aguiole to check out the village famous for its handmade, bee-backed knives. At lunch Kristi and John surprise me with un cadeau d’alliance! Tears well up in my eyes and I become the incredibly proud and honoured owner of this boney beauty, a real cowgirl’s knife.

In the last 36 hrs I have used this knife to: open up 2 bottles of wine, cut the tops off some garlic, cut the tops off some Cevenol onions (so sweet you can eat them raw), cut my dinner twice, cut some wedges of creamy fresh Cevenol sheep’s cheese, cut up some porky sausages, and gut one kilo of sardines! Actually, Kristine did all the gutting.

Pictured above are the swift hands of new friend Kristine who on the banks of the river Vis, and with the aid of l’Aguiole extricates the innards of an about-to-be-bbq’d sardine.


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  1. Good for you Kristi and John aren’t superstitious…
    The knife is really beautiful!

    Comment by Heleen — July 24, 2004 @ 14:10

  2. i paid them 20 eurocent for it - great deal.

    Comment by Debra — July 24, 2004 @ 18:21

  3. Smart deal. Save your friendship and have a great knife!

    Comment by Heleen — July 24, 2004 @ 21:22

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