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Eat off the floor? Get the facts…

September 23, 2004

In Amsterdam if I drop food when I’m cooking I always just pick it up and pop it into my mouth. I eat off my floor - sometimes days after the ‘fall’. And what you may ask are my criteria for scrapping or scarfing? With me it depends on whether the food was initially wet or dry. (See semi-unrelated picture above of some mould I grew in 3 weeks time on some wet food.) Foods that become wetter as they get older I tend to scrap. Yesterday I found some old almonds lying quite dryly on the floor of my bedroom. I picked ‘em up and scarfed ‘em right down in one clean hand motion.

Readymade Mag’s Eat off the floor

In this old ReadyMade Mag issue there is a funny article about eating off the floor and whether it is unclean. If you have kids you probably have heard of the 5 second rule, ‘don’t anything that has been on the floor for more than 5 seconds.’
I always thought of this as the 15 second rule. Oops.

There was a Dutch telev�e ad in which one sees a woman bringing her clothes to the cleaners. With some difficulty she peels a piece of salt licorice (type muntje) out of a dirty jeans pocket and tosses it into her mouth. This much to the disgust of the guy behind the counter. It was a licorice ad. What would I have done? Oh, definitely scarf.

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