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Which one is the fish skin wedding anniversary?

May 9, 2005

5th Wedding Anniversary Menu for John and Kristi

Pasta that is not pasta
- courgette spaghettini
- courgette ravioli
- roasted and pickled pepper coulis
- rocket emulsion
- even creamier cheese in a can

Pepesan sans pep
- grated coconut tamale with
- smoked mackerel marinated in tamarind and lime leaves
- sweet potato
- not very much sambal djeroek taking into account the delicate Northern palates
- coconut cream

Charlie Trotter’s Banana and Chocolate Lava Cake
- w/ roasted mini bananae

John and Kristi have been married for 5 years and a celebration amongst friends is Saturday evening’s event. Present: Debra, John, Kristi, Aya, Marseille, Lynne, Ivo, Little Lord Lloyd, Carolien, Alex and a surprise appearance by Sonia all the way from Delhi!

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  1. That would be the 5th Wedding Anniversary!

    Comment by debra — May 9, 2005 @ 14:38

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