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Shorts in Bra
Slow Food on Film

April 15, 2006


And by shorts I mean short films. And by bra I mean Bra, Italy, where the short film festival, Corto in Bra will host a programme titled Slow Food on Film. How fine it is to see one’s sensibilities well represented, in a country that no longer has a vile mo fo as elected head of state.

As the Slow Food Movement’s spokesperson and founder Carlo Petrini promised at this year’s Berlinal Talent Campus, a number of short films at the BTC would be chosen and placed prominently within the Corto in Bra programme. This is great news, also because culiblog found quite a few of these films to be well worth watching. Nice to see my cinematic tastes reflected in the message of the Movement.

Although there’s nothing short about them, both the Future of Food, by Deborah Koons Garcia, and Taggert Siegel’s the Real Dirt on Farmer John will also be screened. Ms. Koons Garcia is the Slow Food on Film documentary jury chairperson and I’m pleased that this festival doesn’t even pretend to be non-partisan like the big film festivals do. Amen.

You can start brushing up your conversational Italian by downloading the Corto in Bra Film Festival programme here.

The culiblog selection from the Slow Food in Film programme is here:

By the way, the festival passes are a bargain, so you can really forcus on enjoying this ‘citta slow’, which is ironically pronounced cheetah slow.

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