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Master cleanser, for juice fasters and thirsty people

June 14, 2006

If you just think of this as lemonade, you might actually drink it. Master cleanser is the unfortunate name for a cayenne-spiked ginger lemonade, sweetened with maple syrup and sprinkled with sea salt. When you fast or do sports or simply exist in warm weather, it’s wise to drink liquids that don’t make you pee immediately. Most softdrinks, alcoholic drinks and all caffeinated liquids do this, removing the benefit of drinking for the purpose of hydration in the first place.

In this lemonade, the maple syrup and the fleur de sel allow the liquid to hydrate the body more thoroughy than if they weren’t part of the mix. As a master cleanser, the cayenne and ginger are vasodialators and gently invigorate the gut.

If you’re fasting, Master Cleanser is the sort of drink that you take with you and sip throughout the day. But if you just want a refreshing summer drink, call this Super Spicy Lemonade or rosé and do the exact same thing. You can even pretend you’re fasting and be holier-than-thou, always a refreshing feeling and one of the least mentioned benefits of juice fasting.

Picture recipe after the jump.

Juice Fast Master Cleanser or Rosé or Super Spicy Lemonade
(2 litres)

Zest and juice 4 lemons.

Juice 8cm of ginger in a vegetable juicer.

Put the lemon zest and ice in the carafe and pour in approximately 2-3 tbs of maple syrup.

Add the ginger juice (approximately 5 tbs) and a heaping tablespoon of cayenne pepper.

Add tap water and stir. The cayenne will always fall to the bottom, just stir before serving. This drink can be frozen into ice cubes, and used as ice in future Master Cleansers.

In the carafe on the right I left out the cayenne pepper because some of my friends don’t like spicy. I also added a splash of hibiscus tea to make it all the more sour and because I like the colour.

Serve in chilled glasses with ice and sprinkle liberally with fleur de sel.

Up your bottom!

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