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August 24, 2006

image of CDG parfums taken from the weblog
Image of Comme des Garçons parfums from Reluct design blog and used entirely without permission. Pardon.

I don’t want to be, but I am. I’m a big fat fan of Comme des Garçons parfums. The smell of smoke and incense makes Kyoto my favourite, followed by the girlier Carnation, and Shiso. And to my own choque et horreur, I found that I love the caramel sweet Burnt Sugar, in it’s old fashioned gramma-styled bottle.

But big, hot, fat news is that Amsterdam’s Papabubble (see earlier culiblog entry about them here) was of a like mind and teamed up with Commes des Garçons to make a powdered CDG parfum flavoured candy.

I want candy!

According to Reluct Dutch Design blog, you get one candy free when you buy a bottle. That’s some kinda economics, and excuse enough to buy parfum upon returning to the Polar Circle.

Thank you, Joost from Reluct!

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