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More mushroom foraging and gloating

October 21, 2006

culiblog covergirl marlein overakker slices some clove cheese for our lunch
In the woods near Amsterdam, culiblog covergirl Marlein O. takes a break from mushroom hunting to relax into a moss covered chaise and carve at a piece of clove-studded cheese.

One hour, basket half full
Just one hour into the hunt, and the basket is half-full.

mushroom harvest
Back home we marvel at the abundant harvest. Let the wingflapping begin.

peel away the spongiform gills
Bright and early next day it’s time to remove the gooey spongiform gills…

drying mushrooms...
…slice the boletes thinly and set out to dry.

Drying mushrooms... raining outside.
Today it’s raining, giving us another reason to gloat. We’re hoping for rain all weekend and sun during the week to come.

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