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Autumnal Juice Fast Experiments

September 28, 2004

On top, a mixture of opal basil, spearmint, and apple juices. On the bottom, beet and red pepper juices. I’m getting ready for a culinary juice fast in three weeks time:
apple + mint = great
apple + opal basil = great
apple + beet = great
apple alone = great
apple + red pepper = yuck, (hollow, woody and burpy)

beet alone = too intense, too sweet, woody, badly needs something sour
beet + mint + apple = good
beet + opal basil = too dark, needs to be cut with sour
beet + red pepper = delicious, nectaresque, versatile (soup?)

red pepper + mint = wonderfully fresh, cheerful
red pepper + basil = yuck (woody and burpy)
red pepper alone = delicious

Every year a this time I am struck by the necessity to find new culinary impulses. I seek innovation once or twice a year in limitation, the Automnal Juice Fast. I will start in a few weeks but I want to get a jump on some flavours and forms to perfect.

Last year my big discoveries were the juice foams resulting in a borscht made from beet and apple juices with miso covered with green apple juice foam and dotted with spring onion juice.

Clockwise from 14h: beet, mint, opal basil, apple + opal basil, red pepper. In the centre is apple + mint. All juices were slightly oxidised at the point of taking this photograph.

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