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One little kid
Chad Gadya

April 19, 2008

Marlein with kid, Pesach 2008, Debra Solomon for
Happy Pesach! Are you 6 kilos?

Although we had sworn to recreate Pesach Ultra-Lite, Superior Powers and my own stubborn determination to not sit on the floor like my ancestors in the desert, dictated that we drop everything and become a trans-regional trucking company. We had a truck all right, but also an unfathomable lack of skill at both navigation and map reading. After completing the main job, we found ourselves very far away from home indeed and then suddenly, as if in a dream, we ended up at a goat farm.

Newborn kid, Pesach 2008, Debra Solomon for
Newborn baby bokje, not enough meat on its bones, even according to Mama

Some weeks before, I had ordered a 6 kilo Pesach kid, so at the goat farm we went around picking up all the kids trying to find out what 6 kilos worth of goat felt like. Gawd knows this is how rumours get started. The exercise was both grim and funny, and then grim again.

In the nanny goat part of the barn, 2 kids had just been born, one was dead on arrival and the other was a very, very, tiny buck, a bit too tiny. The mama goat wasn’t entirely sure whether she should nurture the skinny bokje or step on its head. As the Polar winds of the Ice Saints blew through the barn, our thoughts were on the kid, alternately hoping and wondering whether it would hup, stand up and make a go at life.

And that was what was so odd. There we were hoping that this baby male would live, somehow ignoring the fact that basically all male animals are killed (culled) very young because they are simply useless in the context of the farm. Perfect for sacrifice, my Pesach kid is certainly a male.

Two little goats, Pesach 2008, Debra Solomon for
2 kids: GIRLS!

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