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It’s not a cheese, it’s a drug

August 3, 2008

High-making munstercheese, Debra Solomon,

Yes, you can totally get high off of cheese! We scored this slab of dairy perfection off some savvy lady cheese dealers on the market. Brung it on home, but where to put it, save the obvious eating off the wrapper with spoons?

Fridge too cool, kitchen table too hot. And I’m not lying or amplifying, exaggerating or embellishing when I report that just putting this little cheese on the table begat vivid fantasies of installing a cheese room!

Dear Gosh,

I know you read my blog regularly and hope you don’t mind posing a question to you in this way. Our recent acquisition of a munster-style bite of heaven got us to pondering why some cheeses seem to not travel very well. In particular, we’re wondering about how to optimally store (and eventually keep with us at all times) this munster-style cheese. Any information and tips you could give us would be appreciated, you know how we love our cheese course!

Thank you.


Your ever-luvvin’ fan of raw milk dairy products

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