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Making Roti with Jogendra (play with your food)

December 31, 2004

I have my way.
Jogi has his way.
But you can tell by his name that its his birthright to know how to make a better roti.

If you make the roti MY way they puff up like pillows. My way involves a lot of not doing anything and getting the heat right. (Plus you get to use up some of the chicken fat from your ever expanding chicken fat collection.)

If you make rotis Jogi’s way, they also puff up like pillows, but you get to play with them constantly and tamp them down with a tea towel, in my opinion the last thing to do to make something puff up. I stand corrected.

Pictured below is another way to make roti in which you start out in the pan and then dump them right onto the flame. It was a regular Occitanian roti circus tonight.

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Hey that’s stealing!

December 24, 2004

persimmons photo by Kristine Malden
Persimmon photo by Kristine Malden

A jaunt over to the Accidental Hedonist weblog and what do I see? A link to a list compiled by the BBC of 50 things to eat before you die. If you ask me, this list, compiled by reader survey is pretty piss poor. I’m still a spring chicken (according to my mother) and I’ve only got 6 items to go and 50 euros says alligator tastes pretty much like chicken.

Here is a list of things missing from the BBC list of 50 things to eat before you die:
- kosher dill pickles
- olives
- peaches
- fresh corn
- uni sushi
- avocados
- burgus
- chokes
- aioli
- bernnaise sauce
- bacon
- wild boar entrecot
- leafy greens
- saffron
- humble pie

What else is painfully missing from this list?
Both a Full English! and Eggs Benedict should be listed but are not.

- Kim Chi? Not on the list
- stolen figs (lots of fruit tastes better stolen)

- persimmons stolen from the neighbours, frost on em, in the dark, sucking blindly, they never make it to the basket; not on the list

persimmons photo by Kristine Malden
Persimmon photo by Kristine Malden

- kale plucked fresh from the garden by moonlight on the shortest day of the year, the grass crisp with frost. I just did this today and I’m glad I didn’t die before doing so or get killed with regard to the stolen persimmons.

50 things you should eat before you die

Accidental Hedonist weblog entry

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The cost of taking it with a grain of salt and the ‘L’ word

December 23, 2004

On a more serious note, let’s talk about the cost of exporting salt - or any other gourmet food item…

My friend JT shuddered when I asked if I should extend the (relatively local) French salt collection I plan on giving his family with a package of rose coloured Himalayan salt. As with most export products the cost of transporting the goods is not fully reflected in the cost of the product itself. (See his blog here.)

Just like my Mom used to say, ‘It’s all about location. Location, location, location!’ It ALMOST goes without saying that one can best buy locally and hope for nice xmas gifts from the Jewish houseguests.

Pictured above on the left is not a bowl of cornflakes but a bowl of very pretty New Zealand Flake Salt. Pictured on the right is the correct gift buy, the *local, the less well-travelled Fleur de sel de Guerande.

Mr. Bloch’s Salt Archive the Motherload of salt information
US Saltworks gourmet salt guide - great salt images here.

* local for I me moi.

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