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Pest control

May 5, 2006

The scales are tipping at the allottments, the organic gardeners are in the majority! Although our numbers are too small to make a real statistic, the demographic of the organic group is thoroughly mixed. In the image above, Sidi AlGouche, not exactly an organic gardener, has decided not to spray his potatoes to get rid of these bugs. Instead he spends an hour each day picking the potato beetles off by hand and indulging in a fair amount of tri-lingual cursing. Afternoons Sidi AlGouche stops cursing and puts his daughter Aqima (9) to work. Aqima is too much of a pistol to spend her afternoons bug-picking and usually puts in a solid twenty minutes before wandering off to hunt frogs with the kids across the waterway.

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  1. Sorry for this news but ElGouche gave up on his very short fling with organic gardening: he sprayed all his ‘pattates’ yesterday with efficient chemicals. He was drunk whilst doing it.
    I like him drunk though, he always calls me beautiful when he’s drunk and a girl my age likes that. To be clear: a girl my age does NOT like his poison but is quick to forgive if called beautiful!
    I know, I can be bought for a very low price. I am bad.

    Comment by Kristi — May 12, 2006 @ 12:56

  2. You SLUT! Well, good thing is there is nothing growing yet that will be eaten. The bean pods haven’t sprouted, the grain pods of the amaranth haven’t sprouted, the seedlings of the melons are just seedlings, and all the rest except a few plants are just seeds. Hopefully it will rain a bunch and wash all that stuff away so that the folks down the river can enjoy a bit of pesticide!

    Dang, I have to actually stay there the entire time to keep Sidi AlGouche on the straight and narrow.

    Comment by debra — May 12, 2006 @ 13:29

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