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Sprouts love ikebana

January 9, 2007

Winners of the 2007 Sprouts love Ikebana competition for the category: 6 and under, 5 and under
My neighbours won the 2007 Sprouts Love Ikebana competition for the categories: 6 and under, 5 and under

From more than 300 images of the sprouts love ikebana competition this weekend at the Grow Yer Own Dang Food sprout restaurant, these are the first, last and middle ones. We had winners in more than 14 categories in the international adult competition. I’ll post the winning entries and some other gaieté tonight.

Today I’m off to London to help jury the Dott07 and Royal Society of the Arts Design Directions competition on Foodmiles. To offset the carbon emission that I will accrue during my taxi ride, I have decided to swim from Amsterdam to London and back.

Sprouts cause ecstasy in infants

in love with sprouts and ikebana
One winner of the 2007 Sprouts love Ikebana competition for the category: Gaieté, gets his gaie on

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