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So, uh,
what are you doing?

March 19, 2007

Opening up a 1000 year egg.

M: mostly alcohol, occasionally a teensy bit of coke.

T: weed, coffee and cigarettes, definitely no coke, recently recovered from a Tony’s Chocolonely addiction but now I’m into the Euroshopper alternative. It tastes just like slave-free.

P: I don’t normally do chocolate, but I went through this phase of eating 100 gr. sacks of chocolate truffles while driving. One after another. Usually I’d down two 100 gr. sacks in one go.

M: And sorbitol. Can you be addicted to sorbitol? It was either that or mint, you know, the mint flavour from sugarfree chewing gum?

E: Oat milk. The phyto-estrogen thing really freaked me out and I had to stop drinking soy. Oh, and I’ve been doing lots of unisex phermones. J is basically my phermone dealer.

P: There was a time I thought I was addicted to perfume. One day there was a lady’s scent lingering in the hall of my apartment building and I followed it all the way downstairs in the hopes of finding out what it was. Turned out that the cleaning lady had just sprayed the toilets with Lysol.

D: Gucci pour homme, female phermones, home made kimchi.

P and M almost in unison: champagne sauerkraut!

D: Oh, and cream, I’ve been getting really into drinking cream lately. My raw milk dealer’s milk has about 6 cm of cream on top.

O: Tap water, Crown Prince, and eating meals at wierd times.

Conversation deteriorates further.

1000 year egg

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  1. good report! im on redbull and green tee these this a good balance?

    Comment by erga — March 29, 2007 @ 4:14

  2. I believe I am addicted to sorbitol via the “BreathSavers” mints. I cannot quit eating them. I eat about 3 rolls per day so I truly believe it’s an addicting substance and I don’t think it can be good for you whatsoever so get off it!

    Comment by Mary — April 20, 2008 @ 3:27

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