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Gimme some sugar, Sugar

July 3, 2007

Sugar Storm by Zoro Feigl
Things about to get sticky at the van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven (Jan 2007) Sugar Storm by Zoro Feigl

At Amsterdam’s Rietveld Academy exam show this weekend visitors could tuck into this beautiful candy floss installation by Zoro Feigl. Aside from the tip of the cap to Fischli & Weiss, Roman Signer and Pippilotti Rist, I love how the audience can just reach out and grab a wispy cloud of floss from the air. Give the people what they want, Zoro.

If this were a Dutch language blog I could make a joke about Zoro reassuring me that the sugar in the installation was ‘cane’ sugar and not White Death. The Rietveld Academy is named after You-know-who, Mr. Sit on my face - red, yellow and blue (and black). Raw cane sugar is rietsuiker from the Dutch for reed. (What Dutch lacks in sheer vocabulary, it makes up for in poetics.) Folks stood around for ages mesmerised, plucking sugar clouds from the air, catching sugar highs, getting excited about the high-speed interactive cloud watching. It’s like watching fireworks. Bravo.

Sugar Storm by Zoro Feigl
Sugar Storm by Zoro Feigl

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  1. crazy! :)

    Comment by The TriniGourmet — July 4, 2007 @ 6:51

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