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Butterflies in my stomach

May 8, 2008

The date and milk-based cocktail ‘representing’ the Afrikaanderwijk is not pictured here because although scrumptious, it was not photogenic. That’s always a problem with dates.

The Urban Game Show, Debra Solomon, Kruiskade Blossom Cocktail,

Kruiskade Blossom Cocktail
- chrystanthemum tea drinks in tetrapak
- organic chysanthemum flowers
- sour cherry fruit leather cut into butterflies
- ice, or ice made from frozen chrysanthemum tea. Avoid dilution!
- OPTIONAL - a shot of plum wine

The night before: Make ice cubes out of chrysanthemum tea. Keep the chrysanthemum tea tetrapacks as cold as possible without freezing.

Mise en place: Cut the fruit leather into butterflies and stick a cherry butterfly onto each glass so that collectively it appears to be a swarm of butterflies.

Gently separate the chrystanthemum petals from the stem-thingie and place a few in each glass.

à la minute: Place the ice cubes into the glasses and pour the chrysanthemum tea over the lot. Serve immediately. You can add the optional shots of plum wine (or brandy) while serving. Without alcohol, this drink is perfect for children that are allowed to have sugar. In the Netherlands, this is still allowed.

The Urban Game Show, Debra Solomon, Kruiskade Blossom Cocktail,
The marvelous Thirza and the marvelous Eric serve up the drinks.

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  1. That looks delicious, I’m going to make it, and I’ll try it with agave nectar and the plum wine!

    Comment by elarael — May 9, 2008 @ 8:44

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