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Urban landscape architecture as a source of new recipes

October 12, 2007

Urban agriculture in Saint-Etienne

Saint-Étienne public landscape architecture featuring curly and red kales, fennel and bananas. Based upon this planter I can imagine a dessert Stephanoise: a bed of flash fried caramelised kales with banana fritters and sprinkled finally with powdered sugar and pulverised fennel seeds.

urban agriculture in Saint-Etienne

It’s daring from a planting point of view as wel, red kale and bananas, but why the heq not? I’m diggin the ready steady cook factor of this planter…

urban agriculture in Saint-Etienne

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  1. Debra…. you’ve finally pushed me too far and I can’t stay quiet any longer. Caramelised kale criques with banana fritters and fennel seeds? Municipal planting Ready Steady Cook? You are a creative and culinary supernova. This has been my favourite website ever since I stumbled across you a year ago. You have restored my excitement about a craft that was becoming stale after too many years as someone else’s line cook; thank you for your inspiration, your opinion, your humour, your astonishing imagination.

    That’s all. I’ll shut up again now.

    Comment by Ramona — October 16, 2007 @ 19:51

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