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The Edible City

February 26, 2007

the edible city

For the past few months, together with colleagues Hans Ibelings and Anneke Moors, I have been curating an exhibtion for the Netherlands Architecture Institute in Maastricht titled the Edible City. The exhibition is about the urban environment and its food systems. There was a time when city-dwellers could more or less provide for their own alimentary requirements. The entire production, distribution, consumption and recycling of food took place primarily in the city and its immediate surroundings. But since the Industrial Revolution, the chain of food ‘from field to fork’ has greatly increased in length.

The Edible City presents a diverse range of proposals and strategies to produce food in or near the city and that offer the opportunity to experience the city in a different way. As befits the subject, much of the exhibition is itself edible.

The exhibition is based on an idea by Guus Beumer and is curated by Debra Solomon (, Anneke Moors and Hans Ibelings. The exhibition design is by Event Architecture, in collaboration with Hans Engelbrecht and Margriet Visser (de Groene Stap).

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  1. Awesome post!!!

    Comment by Duane — February 27, 2007 @ 0:22

  2. What a interesting project, what a exciting blog. I’m glad to find it!!!

    Comment by Anke — March 14, 2007 @ 19:02

  3. I love the idea of growing food locally. When is The Edible City coming to Toronto…many people here would appreciate the idea

    Comment by Gabrielle — April 7, 2007 @ 4:04

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